I have been a huge believer in the embodiment of passion in the realm of employment.

I believe that a person’s skills and talents lie in their passions. Passion is that ‘glue‘ or ‘missing link’ between job highs. No job is always fun and enjoyable.

More recently, I have watched someone that I know move positions and professions, to a profession that he has great passion and skill in. It has been fascinating to see the change in all aspects of his life.

I feel like people hesitate on going for jobs that they really want for the simple fact that it legitimately hurts more to miss out that opportunity than an average opportunity.

Fear of failing at something that you are passionate at is another reason that people hold back. It is really sad honestly.

If you are passionate about it, make the jump!

Regret is a lot more bitter to taste than failure.

~ by goddess4ever on July 25, 2020.

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