You don’t get to choose how your kids see you.

They have free will. If you taught them right, they should know that their thoughts are their own.

I knew that walking away from a broken marriage would be hard to come out of, if at all.

My daughter thinks I didn’t fight to keep my marriage. That is probably the single most hurtful thing that she has ever said to me. “I hate you” would have been preferable.

She doesn’t know how many hours and days that I spent in therapy. Praying in the University chapel. Prayer lists. Praying at the hospital.

She won’t ever know what I sacrificed just to stay married……until the price was the lives of my daughters.

I can’t control the poison that she hears…or her thoughts. I can’t control the narrative. Maybe one day, she will understand.

~ by goddess4ever on July 19, 2020.

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