Netflixing MadMen

My current Netflix interest is MadMen.

I find the relationship dynamics in this show fascinating. Namely the extramarital affairs.

I realized that there are a couple of appeals in cheating regardless of where you find yourself in that relationship.

1) The thrill of pursuit. Not relegated just to men, women have this too.

As crass as it sounds, humans have an animalistic desire to see a target, want it, pursue it, and obtain it.

2) The need to feel attractive, engaging, and desired by others outside of the ‘maintenance’ relationship.

I want to be thought of as beautiful. I want to be the women that a man thinks about when he has a bad day. I want to be the woman that a man turns around to speak to when he as an idea. I want my laugh to be the thing that he wants to hear. I want my moans to be the ones that he wants to hear.

3) Being desired

To hear from someone that they can’t NOT think about you? Thats something we all crave. We want to be valued. We want to be thought of as indispensable, unique.

4) Counting on something that you are good at.

We all desire to have something that we know that we are great at. Being able to sexually satisfy your partner- feels incredible.

The cost of these things is high. Divorce. Failed relationships. Broken hearts. Self Esteem.

Making a relationship work is hard. Sometimes you have to get creative. Sometimes you will feel like shit. But in a moment when your partner (whomever that is) trusts you with a piece if their heart (scars, trauma, shame, fears, loneliness) that is the greatest gift of all. That is a connection worth getting creative over.

~ by goddess4ever on February 23, 2020.

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