The Stairs. Again.

Yes. My old nemesis has struck again.

The flight of stairs. Relatively unassuming and simplistic. These feats of architecture are often times vertical, man made focal points in our homes or buildings.

The backdrop to many a romantic moment. Famous staircases include the iconic concrete stairs in “Rocky,” the romantic staircase in the Tara Plantation in “Gone With The Wind,” the Western staircase in “McClintock.” The tragic library staircase in “Sex In The City” where Big runs like a marathoner away from the love of his life.

My apartment stairs once again are the host to my clumsiness, only too eager to make me the fool that I am. A heated argument between a mom and her teenage daughter (I was losing) caused me to charge toward the stairway to snatch my child up. In my irritated state, I missed the top stair and made the next 10 very efficiently.

I broke two toes in the process. (I assume broken because they are too swollen to bend at this point) my foot many shades of red, blue and purple.

I think I lost the ‘parent of the year award’…….in .4 seconds…….

~ by goddess4ever on February 17, 2020.

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