Can’t even make it up.

Crazytown saga part dos.

My mother decided to set out on her own road trip to find where my Aunt ‘allegedly’ moved 5 years ago to let her know that she died.

Not sure what ‘going to another town’ entails, she could have been driving around in a corn field all day for all I know. She didn’t get arrested so I assume she didn’t make actual human contact.

She was insistent that my Aunt was dead and that I was now a part of the ‘cover-up’ so my Aunt actually called her herself to let her know that she was not in fact deceased.

I have not been updated as to how that went, honestly, I am not sure I even want to at this point. This whole event sparked many many questions from my oldest about her grandma and how normal this behavior is for her. I have managed to stay out of her psychosis episodes for the most part, getting pulled back in every other year or so.

It is extremely frustrating that she refuses all medication and treatment for her mental health. Frustrating that mental illness isn’t really a thing to either one of my parents really. Not that the mental health community has done much to help that stigma along.

So in the interim, I have the ‘crazy’ mom stories, where my Aunt has died and doesn’t know it; or there is an intruder who sent a mouse into the house to spy for him before he broke in; or car color signals that telepathically mean things; or the age old people ‘out to get you’; government listening into her brain; medical doctors implanting computer parts and the list just goes on indefinitely.

I would like to run away now.

~ by goddess4ever on September 18, 2019.

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