It just clicks

In your life, you’ll meet a lot of people. Thousands probably.

In that sea of people, you will only meet a few that click with you.

A ‘click’ signifies that something has engaged. Something has found just the right groove to snap into.

A ‘click’ signifies safety. How many things have you built that need a click before they can be trusted as sturdy, supportive, and safe? People are like that. When you feel the click, you just know, ‘this is safe’. This is where I need to be.

When you are a kid, you seem to just pick people out who ‘click’. As you get older, you have been burned by people who seem to almost click. Or people who click in the beginning and end up falling apart.

You test the strength of the click. Before you let it hold your weight. You purposefully put extra strain on it to prove that it will break, but it doesn’t. Hold onto that.

When you find the right pieces………that click is magic. Hold onto that. It is hard to find.

~ by goddess4ever on September 2, 2019.

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