I took my oldest to Barnes and Noble today. For me, this is the holiest of holy places on earth. Filled with ideas and stories of all different kinds, just the smell of books that hits you as soon as the door opens, sends endorphins right into my bloodstream.

It was amusing to see her walking through the shelves and people watching as she went. I raised my girls on books. They loved for me to read to them before bed, just like my own mother had done. My mother failed at a lot of things, but she was able to gift us with her time in many ways that weren’t toxic.

We spent a solid hour there just looking. I won’t have many more of these moments with her. She is an adult who will be spreading her wings soon. But for today, she was just as excited about books as I was. And that was a special moment.

~ by goddess4ever on August 18, 2019.

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