Holeeeeee HELL

Before I got divorced I had gotten in the best shape of my life and went to Barre3 religiously 3-4 times a week.

Then my world caved in and I medicated myself with food (of course). I talked to a friend not too long ago who was in the same boat and he started some mortal combat a couple times a week. He has told me at least ten times what it is called and I keep forgetting. I just know it isn’t ju jitsu but somewhere in there. Bohemian ju jitsu….. idk anyway THE POINT is I started thinking that I needed to do something. I am going to be 40 next year and I will be damned if I am rolling down the hill in this body.

So this evening was my first aerobic dance class. Omfg.

Like O-M-F-G, I looked like a disjointed panda bear……….. WHAT.A.DISASTER.

You know its bad when the instructor keeps giving you a shout out over the microphone “Oh girl, you picked the hardest class to start in on, but you are still moving girl, YOU DO YOU!!”

Kill me now. That is the equivalent of ‘Look away ladies, there is a total trainwreck happening in the back of the dance floor’ ‘Give her loooooooots of space’.

I may have gotten the footwork right during a .07 second span of time. That earned a ‘YES GIRL YES’ from the microphone barbie.

Meanwhile, I am not sure where my arms and hands were but I am positive they were not participating in the same class.

PS-water is a good thing to have with you (I was not prepared with any hydration).


I don’t know where all the sweat came from and I certainly don’t know how I still had any makeup at the end of class- pretty sure I blacked out somewhere in the middle from a rogue arm, or leg.

I will not be getting up at a decent hour tomorrow. I will probably be in traction.

Jury is fully deadlocked on whether I return or whether I am a hazard to myself and other participants. I am leaning towards the later.

~ by goddess4ever on August 2, 2019.

5 Responses to “Holeeeeee HELL”

  1. Brazillian Ju Jitsu and that is awesome!!! Keep going! It gets easier just have to be stubborn and stick to it! Also hydrate all of the time not just during class err day all day it helps also.


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