Pressure release

It is funny how things pile up on you all of a sudden until you are ready to lose your sanity and then one random act of kindness seems to trip a relief valve, unleashing a tidal wave of emotion.

From seeing someone you love with someone else (thanks a lot facebook and your ‘people you may know’, that was a direct stab in the heart); to making a horrible, horrible, horrible payroll error; to drama all around you from your employees, your friends, and your family; this week has had it all.

This evening a nice young lady introduced herself to me after seeing me several times in her circle of friends. She wanted nothing from me, but to introduce herself and say hello. I was so taken aback, I kept trying to figure out what her angle was……. How sad is that?

There was no angle.

No expectations for me to fail at.

No failures made on my part or my kid’s part.

I thanked her for her time and her kindness, came home, and sobbed my heart out.


Its ok to suck sometimes.

Its ok to believe in stupid things.

Its ok to fail.

Its ok to hurt.

It is ok because it means that I believe the impossible can become possible. I believe in love. I believe in breaking comfort zones and pushing myself hard.

Even with all that…….sometimes I just need for someone to relieve the pressure.

~ by goddess4ever on August 1, 2019.

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