One of the coolest parts of my job is that I have the freedom to do a lot of things. This is also the worst part of my job because I have made some big mistakes.

Today, I discovered the biggest mistake that I have ever made. Honestly, if I was my own boss, I would fire myself.

I run 10 companies total. Yes, 10. They all fall under three umbrella companies. One of my biggest requests from a year ago, when I started was to automate the companies books. “Its 2018” they said.

Seemed doable. And after 1342 emails this month alone, I made it happen. Except for one tiny error……

I managed to set one of my bosses’ payroll up by debiting his personal account and depositing the same amount to that same account. Do not ask me how this was done. I was fighting back tears while speaking to our accounting software people who assured me, I had made the mistake although they weren’t sure how.

This would have been quite the bitch of a day if I hadn’t been plagued with unanswered questions. So I started to do some research…..

This was in fact the second paycheck that this had happened to……….perfect. Just perfect.

Do you know how much fun it is to walk down the hall to my boss’ office to give the news that not only were you responsible for this paycheck, but you also have evidence that the same thing happened last month and we had neglected to catch it…(by we, I mean me)……to knock on the hardwood door and hear it echo down the hall…… hear my heartbeat louder than my own words…….

I would fire myself……….I don’t mind forgiving other’s mistakes… but I would fire myself.

Its only Tuesday…………..


~ by goddess4ever on July 31, 2019.

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