The world’s biggest fool


Not a first choice. Not a choice at all.

When you realize that you are not worth someone’s time, not worth someone’s care and concern, that’s when a part of you shatters.

Life can be easy to bend the way that we want it to look. But sometimes you come face to face with a cold, hard steel of reality shoved into your ribs. Jammed deep into your heart, your heart struggles to beat around it, as your brain tries to comprehend what just happened.

You fool. You stupid fool. You deserve every pain signal being sent to your brain right now. Because you dared to go against the norm, you dared to go against the odds and girl, you failed hard.

~ by goddess4ever on July 29, 2019.

5 Responses to “The world’s biggest fool”

  1. I wouldn’t say the failure is on your part or really a failure at all . More life lessons.


  2. It was. You know how you should be treated and not the way Ive been doing it.


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