Hospice Rally

Its a thing. In the last 24 hours my grandfather has seemingly made miraculous strides as far as lucidity and suddenly remembering important details regarding the cars that he restored.

I looked such a rally up on Google because I probably should have been the one to name my kids Google.

This rally is called terminal lucidity. Where the patient suddenly eats things they haven’t eaten in months and make a few ‘requests’ regarding things left undone or people left unseen. This seems like the worst possible joke but it is a scientific fact. The organs of the failing body start to produce steroid-like hormones to wake the brain temporarily.

It is hard to tell if the patient is really improving or if they are just on the cusp of death. (FYI-delightful Monday conversation)

The hardest thing for me, is to see my family with renewed hope that he may be around just a little while longer. At least long enough for many of us to plan a second trip to see him. I hope that he is, I really do. I would love to have that opportunity and I wish I wasn’t so skeptical.

The most irritating part about death is that you really aren’t in control of any part of it.

~ by goddess4ever on July 23, 2019.

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