Damn, she went there.

My grandma can be blunt, like super blunt. Like Joan Rivers blunt. It is no secret in our family that her tongue is powerful and can ruin someone’s mental health status in .02 seconds.

I talked to her on the phone last night, and she started talking about marriage. (I knew where she was going to take this convo so I just took a deed breath).

“People don’t stay married like they used to,” she said. I let the pause hang in the middle knowing that this was about to be directed my way. I didn’t have to wait long. “Sweetheart, you did everything that you could. You had no way of knowing that he would give up. One day, someone will spark something in you and you will know. Someone will want to be with you and they will love you for who you truly are. You won’t need to apologize for the way that you feel or express yourself. (That was a direct shot) I promise that someone is out there who will think that you are worth it.”

I never realized how much of my marriage she was aware of. I never realized that she knew how much I apologized for being my weird self. I didn’t know that she had any idea of what sacrifices I had made. She said that she was proud of my determination to do the right thing in-spite of the pain that I knew would cost me dearly.

I don’t need people’s approval for how my marriage ended. She wasn’t criticizing the fact that I ended it. She was criticizing the fact that I had lost myself in a desperate attempt to make the marriage work. And she was right on the mark.

Sometimes, I get so caught up in doing what I need to do, that I forget that I have a support system. It isn’t that I need help. I do need the support and the reminder that I matter too.

My grandmother was right. I had compromised who I was for way too long. It is rare to find people who see the real you. I am pretty lucky to have people like that.

~ by goddess4ever on July 7, 2019.

2 Responses to “Damn, she went there.”

  1. Sounds like a smart lady. Like someone else i know.


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