My grandma is my hero.

She takes care of my grandpa without a complaint.

Her nerves noticeably raw. Her voice thin from crying and fighting back the tears when I talked to her.

The elephant in the room was obviously my grandfather. The doctors are just trying to establish a baseline before they can run the real tests tomorrow.

I asked her what she had to eat today, she had to think a minute and almost frustrated that I had asked. She had some peanuts on the way home from the hospital she said. Almost as an afterthought she said she had a donut this morning. I knew she was lying so I wouldn’t worry. I don’t think I have ever seen her eat a whole donut in my life.

My own tears were threatening to betray me as she gave me a brief rundown of what the doctors told her this morning. I knew as soon as I hung up, she was going to cry. I knew I was going to too.

My grandma loves that ‘tall drink of water’ who still rattles the ice in his cup to signal to her that it is empty. She will mutter under her breath, shoot him a glare and fill his glass right up.

She wanted me to know she was fine and asked how I was, just like she always does. I didn’t tell her that I had cried myself to sleep the last few nights. She was so worried that I wasn’t doing ok. I promised her that everything was fine here. She wanted me to know that Papaw loved me. I couldn’t talk anymore. The lump in my throat suddenly got so big, I couldn’t breathe.

I got lucky. #blessed is the dumbest # ever but for this, it rings true. My Papaw will always be the most interesting man in the world, but my Grandma…..she is my hero.

~ by goddess4ever on July 3, 2019.

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