The table cloth trick

The trick is to rip the cloth out from underneath the place settings without murdering anyone, or breaking any dishes.

It is rarely done successfully.

It was done successfully last week and I have been completely disarmed by it.

I am used to wearing armor and taking potshots from people. I am used to a dating world shitshow. I am used to having to try to contain my anxieties, only to have them explode later in a psycho rainbow.

A young man has stuck around after the psycho rainbow; effectively yanking the tablecloth out from under the dishes. It wasn’t that he took the rainbow and accepted it, because he didn’t. He challenged it. He questioned it. He talked about it.

And then he gave me his hand…….

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how big of a deal this is. The tablecloth is off the table and no one got hurt.

~ by goddess4ever on March 19, 2019.

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