“Overcomplicate everything.”

The latest headline from my dating failures. His famous last words.

I have news for all of you men out there, I KNOW I over-complicate everything. I live with the consequences of my over-complicating every damn day of my life. I am WELL aware that I over-complicate.

It is not a sign of trust issues and over-complicating to not want you all up on me during the first date, or the second date. And if I am flinching when you get in my space: learn how to read body language, buddy.

I am 38. I am a single mom. I was homeschooled for 99% of my gradeschool life.

Yes. I over-complicate.

I don’t want to get my heart ripped out again. I don’t want to connect to someone if they aren’t equipped for my complications.

I don’t want to fight a war with myself and my baggage to look up and see that no one is around, because I was ‘too much’.

I am tired of having to work so hard on my ‘too much’ only to find out; I was never enough to begin with.

~ by goddess4ever on March 16, 2019.

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