Disclaimer- My college degree is in psychology. I KNOW people are weird. I have seen weird things and heard some pretty weird stuff.

That being said…….

We all know dating these days is a shitshow. It just is.

I had a nice (normal) conversation with someone. Then he asked me to google- ABDL and then let him know if I wanted to keep talking. DON’T GOOGLE IT. It stands for Adult Baby Diapering Lifestyle.

I am serious as a heart attack.

My jaw has been on the floor for a few days now. He messaged me a few minutes after he suggested I google the acronym and OF COURSE I did.

I will be 100% honest here, I have never ghosted anyone so hard in my LIFE.

I get that we all have turn ons and turn offs. But that………I can’t……… he looked like a normal dude!!! No dark circles, no pale skin, no standard issue black crew neck tshirt!!!

………………..DUDE!! This is WHY YOU ARE SINGLE!!!!!

~ by goddess4ever on March 7, 2019.

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  1. Wtf!!! Somethings should just stay hidden. At least you found out now before he busted through the door like the koolaid man wearing a diaper.

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