Powerlifting isn’t a sport I would have chosen for my daughter. It just holds no interest for me at all.

But I watched my daughter kill it in her regional final today. I watched her anxieties and fears threaten to get the best of her when her Dad did not recognize or acknowledge her. And then…I watched her center herself and dig down deep inside. I knew when I saw her head come up and the spark of determination burned like fire in her eyes. She moved up to finish 8th in the state for her weightclass.

That moment, was worth every 5 am practice and ever choked lift over the last two years.

You can’t do everything for your kids. And this was one thing I couldn’t tap into for her. She had to fight past the pain and find her steel and she did. I am so proud of her.

~ by goddess4ever on March 3, 2019.

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