Dating nightmares.

Welcome to yet another edition of Dating Nightmares!

I am your hostess and resident test dummy.

On today’s edition we are reminded how important it is to find a male who 1) has/watched/seen a child/adolescent at least once in his life.

As we endured an awkward coffee, my oldest text me to say that she would need to be picked up fairly soon. I conveyed my apologies to this gentlemen (we will use that term loosely today) and let him know that I needed to end our hour and a half meeting. He replied “Are you kidding? Call her an Uber.” He was not joking.

My mouth dropped open and he said “Seriously, this isn’t Columbia; she won’t be kidnapped and held for ransom drug money..”

I had no words. I could have swallowed a bug as wide open as my mouth was.

I said “Well, thanks, its been a pleasure.” And I left him sitting there to find another stupid bitch to date.

Call her an Uber……….

~ by goddess4ever on February 18, 2019.

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