Miss You.

O.A.R. “Miss You”

I have done a lot of thinking lately after my baby sister told me that I was grieving what could have been, over what was. She was right.

I took the handful of visits to my last relationship and have hurt over them harder than I ever have. I couldn’t figure out why they held such a hold on me until now.

He got me. He got me better than anyone ever had. It was a connection that I had heard about but never been a part of. That was over a few visits, OF COURSE it was everything I wanted! I torture myself on a daily basis over how hard it is for me to connect with people. He got me.

That is the loss that I am grieving. I didn’t have to explain my weirdness. I felt like a normal person.

I don’t fault him for running. I never realized that because I viewed him as perfect, I created an ideal that he could never live up to. Sometimes there is no explaining that you just need them. You don’t need perfect. You need someone who gets you. That is what made it perfect.

He got me.

~ by goddess4ever on February 13, 2019.

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