A piece of gum?

Someone once suggested that you should compare rejection to offering a person a piece of gum and getting turned down.

First of all, you can’t compare offering someone your heart to offering someone a stick of gum.

A stick of gum doesn’t shatter into a million pieces. A heart is fragile in it’s most vulnerable state. That state is the moment that you offer it to another. When the other person rejects that most fragile part of you, it becomes a reflection of your own choices. “How could you think you were good enough for that person?” Once again you fail.

Exquisite in it complexity and beauty, once the heart has been given and accepted by another, it grows exponentially stronger. The bonds between the two people grow stronger and protect the two hearts that have been exchanged. Nothing can break a nurtured bond.

Gum. Yeah right.

~ by goddess4ever on January 17, 2019.

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