Biggest Loser moment.

I was an avid Biggest Loser fan for a long time. I enjoyed the drama and the emotional chess game. One thing that I found interesting was that after long periods of exertion the contestant would hit an emotional wall and literally fall apart with every emotion that they had been stuffing down over the years.

I have experienced this myself a couple times and it is just as unceremonious, unattractive and draining as it is on tv. It comes out of nowhere and there is nothing to be done but let it happen.

Other joggers and runners give you a sideways glance but if you put your head down and just keep walking, they generally leave you alone.

It is every emotion that you have swallowed rushing out onto your face. Insane loneliness and brokenhearted muffled sobs echo in the trees’ majestic silence. Every once in awhile a squirrel will come out and check on you if you can’t walk and sob at the same time.

Pathetic. All the masks that you wear become completely useless. The trees don’t give a fuck about your masks. The squirrels are just curious to see what makes you look like road kill all of a sudden. But no judgement. There is no blaming you for being a weak female. No blaming you for loving someone that you shouldn’t. No judging you for ending a marriage. No hating on you for begging for authenticity. No criticism for wanting to be loved for real.

So pick up your pieces, wipe your face, and carry on.

~ by goddess4ever on January 6, 2019.

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