Holiday Blues

Holidays seem to hold an undercurrent of sadness now more than in years past.

This year especially. Seeing my ex husband more like his old self and yet that spark, that himness is still gone. It still hurts. I have spent a lot of time wondering if I did the right thing in leaving over this last year. I did. But the good parts, I miss.

I miss not being alone all the time. I miss him telling me how he has no idea how I can get flour all over the kitchen when I bake. I miss being loved. I miss making someone laugh.

I have unfriended three people in the last week for propositioning me. “To help me out”. What is wrong with people???? I don’t want sex!!! I want to be loved. Why is that so hard to understand???????

~ by goddess4ever on December 31, 2018.

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