Thought of as a sex toy. Sure. Thats cool.

It absolutely blows my mind that every male assumes that because you are now single, that they are doing you a favor by offering NSA sex. Yes. Totally my favorite.

Please show me how little you think of me and how little you value you me and my needs.

Please remind me that I am not worth the investment of time, love, or basic human decency.

By all means, assume that I have nothing else to do besides waiting for you to contact me.

And always compliment me on my physical appearance, further cementing the level of respect you have for me.

Yes. I am divorced. Yes, I am starved for affection right now. But that does NOT mean that I deserve to be treated like a toy. Yes, I have needs that are not being met right now. But don’t confuse that with needing your services, because I don’t. So find another toy.

~ by goddess4ever on December 28, 2018.

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