Kharma. Warning, vulgar language. I am not sorry either.

Today, kharma reared its beautiful head and took down the bitch who fired me a year and a half ago.

I sat in silence as I have read that message over and over today. And here is my prepared statement to her:

“Well bitch, how does it taste? I hope you receive a 10th of the anxiety, fear and sorrow you have created for the employees who have fallen under you.

I still have the cross that ironically fell off of the wall in front of you and broke in two, as you walked by my office. I have kept it to remind me to fight: every time I wanted to give up; every time I wanted to take my life because I couldn’t provide the barest necessities for my kids; every set back; every curveball that was thrown at me: I have kept those two pieces. The inscription on that cross is “Amazing Grace”. That’s right bitch. I have succeeded beyond your pathetic existence and surpassed anything you will ever achieve in your miserable life.

The four employees who were cruelly and wrongly treated under you, are toasting your termination this evening. Kharma is SUCH a bitch!”



~ by goddess4ever on November 29, 2018.

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