Please don’t ask me for dating advice.

Seriously. Just because I have been on the market for awhile, does not mean that I know what I am doing. Obviously, if I am still on the market, I am NOT doing it well.

General advice- ok, I can do that.

If they don’t text or message, they don’t want want to talk to you. Period.

If you don’t see them, they are either really busy or actually, they really don’t want to see you. Deal with it. In the dating world, they don’t want to see you. Move on.

Go Dutch. If the guy insists, fine, but you better offer at least. C’mon ladies. You are not still a 5yr old princess.

If a pet name comes up on the first date, run for your life. Exception to this is that I was married for 17 years and the odd “baby” or “honey” will escape, it just happens. But if the guy pulls a “Precious” or some other shit, run.

Respect the bubble. There is no reason for anyone to be in the bubble until several dates have passed. Like three. At least.

Beyond that, I can’t help you. I suck at dating, I never wanted to have to date again. And yet, here we are.

~ by goddess4ever on November 18, 2018.

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