Kindness of a stranger

In a dog eat dog profession, I have sort of become numbed to the rude behavior of service people and people in general.

Today I had to take my car in for service. If you know me, you know that one of my pet peeves of automotive anything is the automatic sexism judgement that happens as soon as I walk in the door.

In a weird twist of irony from the universe, the young man who assisted me today went above and beyond to treat me like some important female. Bringing my car right up to the front door, being extremely complimentary, and yeah, he didn’t charge me for anything. Yes, it was because I was a female. And yes, he was was flirting pretty hard.

It just struck me as interesting that I was completely ok with that. It made my day honestly. A polar opposite to being treated as a female who is ignorant to cars and yet, still treating me as a female.

Well played universe, well played.

~ by goddess4ever on November 9, 2018.

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