Intentions and Expectations

These are, in my opinion, the most heartbreaking words of the english language.

These words are the embodiment of our desires. Good or bad. The ideals of what we want our lives to be, or what we want others around us, to be.

I have a dinner tomorrow. One that I am very much looking forward to. I intend to have a wonderful visit. I have expectations of feeling nothing but the enjoyment of another person’s company.

Then there is reality. The cold hearted ice queen of the world, who laughs at the hearts and feelings of those that she crushes, on a daily basis.

Reality says ‘I see your intentions and expectations, fuck you.’ She hands you a life sandwich and walks away.

There are few rules for relationships. One rule that I have learned, is that no one gets to decide how that relationship works but the people engaged in it. Period.

Reality knows that I love this guy. More than I have ever loved anyone. There isn’t anyone else to have. She knows that my heart will ache for what isn’t and my soul will sob big ugly tears after he walks away.

My intentions are good.

Expectations are simple.

But Reality is a bitch.

~ by goddess4ever on October 11, 2018.

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