Night 3 at the new digs..

Pretty sure every place I am going to live at for the rest of my live will convince my kids that that bldg is haunted. Every last one.

It doesnt matter where I live, they always, ALWAYS report the ghosts are alive and well.


On the upside, the air conditioning is a lovely new thing to experience. Peeling off the covers, or papers off of my sweaty skin has been the norm for the last several months so even having a blanket on my bed was not an option.

Stairs are the bane of every apt and home. Period. (I could barely make it down the stairs at all yesterday). I hate moving. It is miserable. I am living here until I die.

I have a refrigerator that makes ice. How cool is that?!?!?!

The downside is that loneliness is even more prevalent and painful here. It is front and center. Drama has its place in distracting you from your pain and heartache. When you remove it, all that is left are the gaping scars in your heart.

The same questions and problems are still sitting there. Unanswered. All the why’s and what-ifs from the last time you failed at any semblance of normality.

~ by goddess4ever on September 18, 2018.

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