Online dating hell

You know, I am wondering if anyone finds real love meeting people online.

I mean, I did last year, but he wasn’t ready for a relationship so that is ultimately a strike.

This evening’s dating stupidity is brought to you by “Ray” who would like to know if I am ‘gassy’. Yep, you read that right ladies and gentlemen, ‘Ray’ would like to know if I am experience excessive GI tract activity this evening.

I even Urban Dictionaried this to be certain that I was not missing something. I was not. When I begged ‘Ray’s’ pardon, I asked if I was missing something and stupidly asked ‘Should I be?’

Apparently, he would like me to be…….

I literally have no words……… I got home from work at 10pm this evening. I spent and hour arguing with my ex husband. I spent an hour consoling my youngest daughter. And ‘Ray’ wants me to be gassy.

I cannot imagine why you are single ‘Ray’. Seriously.

~ by goddess4ever on September 6, 2018.

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