And just like that

She ups and quits.

She comes in to work and can’t take another second.

In the words of my daughter “How much more extra can you be?”

I have never in my life come across a person who goes home because her computer shut down in the middle of editing a document. What in the actual fuck???

Or gone home because you were the only person who came to work on time. (7:58AM)

And its not like she lives close by. She has to drive 30 min to get here and 30 min back.

She quit work early one day because her phone wasn’t working. Why? You ask?

It wasn’t plugged into the wall……….. Scouts honor.

I do not understand. My daughter says it is because I am intimidating. Her words “you can do anything and you do”. I HIGHLY doubt this chic quit because I can do stuff.

But seriously, how fucking extra can you be??

~ by goddess4ever on August 3, 2018.

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