Tech Week

Tech week at a theatre is always a shit show. No one gets sleep. Everything goes wrong. And as the week progresses, people get more and more short tempered, sleep deprived, angry, absent minded and it all lends to the chaos vortex of Opening Night.

Oh BTW-Opening Night happens to be Friday the 13th…….

The staff and crew start to look like an episode of The Walking Dead and start to get along more like the WWE Fight Night.

It doesn’t help that this is the biggest show of the theatre season. So big that the entire run is almost sold out and we haven’t opened yet.

Theatre is an interesting crowd of people, the predominantly creative among us who up the unpredictability of the evening exponentially. No one night is the same. Everyone has intense passion for what they do which can either mesh beautiful or combust in a spectacular fashion.

The temperatures have been in the 100s which does amazing things to stage makeup and costumes. Vodka becomes a necessary cleaning agent instead of a cocktail.

Ironically, the hurt feelings and temper tantrums seem to magically disappear at the last possible moment blending all the moving parts to the beauty of a well executed show.

Break a leg gang!! Actually, please don’t, it is Friday the 13th tomorrow!! Let’s not push it!!!!!

~ by goddess4ever on July 13, 2018.

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