Giving notice for work

Supposed to be exciting right? New opportunities, new pond……….sharks.

I am not even dead yet and the vultures are circling. The chick that originally left my position has returned to her place of business many many times since she left. And she hardcore surfaced today.

By hardcore, I mean she has her kids enrolled in the summer camp there and she sat in the main office all this afternoon. I haven’t left yet. I have two days left in office.

And OF COURSE she knows it because she couldn’t make eye contact with me at all and everyone was weird in the office. Whatever, it is whatever!! My job isn’t open, I am taking most of it with me but damn.

At least have the fucking decency to talk behind my back like every other intelligent person. She isn’t even trying to cover it up. She wants back in the middle of things so bad that it isn’t even funny.

I may just take tomorrow afternoon and Friday off and just be done with it. It isn’t the greatest feeling to have people turn on you, and I knew it was coming, it happens every time people leave there, but damn it.

~ by goddess4ever on July 12, 2018.

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