It isn’t knowing that it isn’t real that hurts.

It isn’t knowing that the feelings weren’t mutual that hurts.

What hurts is knowing that they won’t ever be mutual.

It is reaching your hand out and knowing there is no one there.

Looking at the moon and knowing that no one is looking at it too.

Listening to music and knowing that you are not thought of when that song comes on.

Knowing that you put all of that onto one person and wondering why they aren’t there anymore. Seriously?!?! It is no wonder men don’t go on dates or want to be in a relationship.

I do know that my love is real. And it was for one person who was everything to me. He wasn’t ready.

I didn’t think I was either but he showed me different. He brought me through the worst year of my life. He made me laugh when I hadn’t heard my laugh in so long. Truly, he got me through the worst season of my life. I will always love him.

I have no more tears to cry and I can barely see out of my eyes from all the ones I have let escape today.

To any future man in my life………..yeah, good luck with that.

~ by goddess4ever on July 11, 2018.

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