It is ALWAYS the day that you take the time to put on your make-up. It is always the day that you are wearing a white blouse with a black bra.

Texas isn’t exactly a rainy state but when it does pour like buckets, it is when my make-up is perfect and I have a shirt that apparently goes transparent when wet.

Added bonus is that you have to park two blocks from work so you don’t get a ticket.

Also, a short woman in sweats is ALWAYS right there when you get out of the car!! The looks on her face says it all “Hahaha good luck getting to the office looking like that in the next two minutes.”


I did not in fact get to my office looking like that.

I did look like I was in Freddy vs. Jason the chick that makes it halfway through but can’t stop crying her insanely runny mascara down her face…….yeah her.

So Ms. SweatPants queen, I get the last laugh because I have enough makeup emergency stash in my office and my shirt is now semi-transparent. My hair……hair is overrated…

And well, she is in sweatpants. On a Monday. Hahahah

~ by goddess4ever on July 9, 2018.

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