When you hold a sleeping baby….

Life is so simple.

As she lays sleeping in my arms, her world is perfect. She is peaceful. Her heart is unscarred and intact.

She is blissfully unaware that an inch away from her precious eyelashes, my broken heart beats slowly. The pain eased by such an unassuming little person. She smiles when she sees me and giggles when I make noises for her.

She doesn’t know that she will be capable of breaking her own heart.

She doesn’t know that she could convince herself that someone loves her when they clearly don’t.

She doesn’t know the power contained in her little body. Power to break hearts, scare people away, power to make herself crazy only to know that she deserved the heartache.

I hope her stars don’t hold those things for her. I wish she could stay in this perfect unawareness and peace.

~ by goddess4ever on July 8, 2018.

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