It is magic.

Magic shows are the epitome of deception and surprise. It challenges what you see with what you know.

Life is one big magic show.

There are surprises; Babies, proposals, birthday parties, etc.

There is slight of hand; trying to make your kids eat vegetables without their knowledge, the ‘mom’ clock where 5 min is either 10 min or 2 min, tooth fairy acrobatics, and Santa Claus’ annual visit.

Smoke in mirrors; being nice to in-laws, facebook wars, pissing contests, and hair salon gossip.

Occasionally, you get sawed in half. I have. A few times. Divorce, being fired, and any major life event that grabs your heart and throws it on the floor.

In the mind’s eye, we believe what we see. Our hearts however, possess the only ‘override’ switch that there is.

We may see a hand holding our own. Logic tells us that it looks familiar…..the heart flips the switch and says ‘No, this feels safe, I want to stay here.’ The heart is a fool.

When the black cloth is pulled away, the mirror shows us that we have been holding our own hand the entire time. Over time, that switch will be harder and harder to flip, if at all.

One big magic show.

~ by goddess4ever on June 24, 2018.

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