Final Draft

The final draft of the divorce decree is finally here.

It is so hard to not be petty. So hard. Obviously, thousands of people have gone through a divorce judging from the 21 pages.

I love how attorneys pay zero attention to what you have said previously. Or agreed on previously.

I am not changing my name back.

A- My kids have that last name

B- I was married 17+ years- pretty sure I earned it.

C- I HATED my maiden name with a passion.

Then there are the clauses that I feel should be a given “Don’t marry a sex offender.” Pretty sure that wasn’t even on my list but thanks for adding the clause that states that I shall notify my ex 15 days after marrying said sex offender.

Super well thought out, that clause.

I kind of feel like adding a clause about not importing a spouse but there I go being petty.

Then the clauses about visitation… favorite. Nothing says “We could not have failed more at life, please allow us to jack up our kids too,” like a visitation schedule.

I have never felt more alone and more like a complete failure than I do right now.

A 21 page document. That is what my last 17 years is worth. A 21 page document on 20 cents worth of paper.

And my name isn’t my own apparently.

~ by goddess4ever on June 23, 2018.

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