Father’s Day

Yet another father’s day has come in my torn family. Yet another day of seeing the pain on one daughter’s face as she sees her dad and completely shuts down.

I promised her that I won’t take her back to our old home. Not anymore.

I can’t make her dad care for her existence. I can’t gripe at him for not caring for his own existence. His feet now showing visible signs of diabetes issues and the tremors in his right hand are hard not to notice.

I swallow the frustration boiling up inside knowing how another health event is going to destroy both girls. There is so much hurt and much anger.

We came home and my oldest made cupcakes on her own. She is so frustrated and hurt that her father wouldn’t speak to her. I agreed to let her spend the night with one of her friends who also doesn’t have a present father figure.

~ by goddess4ever on June 18, 2018.

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