I would still choose you.

Your messy head- not a deterrent.

Your impenetrable fortress of a heart- if it is the last breath in my body, I will still be reaching for it.

I wouldn’t go back in time to change my ex’s status. I would change his fate but we still would have divorced. I would still choose you.

Divorce is so painful. The most painful thing I have ever done. But I would do it again to have the opportunity to choose you.

Love with kids is so messy, so complicated. I choose you.

We will make mistakes and hurt each other. I still choose you.

You gave me life.

You shocked me with the depths that love can take.

You showed me a passion that is so powerful, so consuming that it terrifies, mystifies, and intrigues me.

There is nothing you have to do for me. Nothing you have to be for me. No actions you have to take for me. I love you for how you are in this moment.

I choose you.

I will ALWAYS choose you.

In a thousand lifetimes, in every alternate universe, as long as I have breath to breathe,


~ by goddess4ever on June 11, 2018.

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