My best friend

Today my best friend leaves to Mexico for a gastric sleeve procedure.

I am terrified. Because, well Mexico and the drug lord war. Obviously. But also because they don’t have the same medical standards that we do.

She has done her research and so have I and this doctor has a solid reputation and surgery record. It is just the idea that is sitting in my stomach turning tricks.

I am excited that she is looking forward to it and has the desire to change things for herself. I can’t wait for her to come back on Saturday, just to know that she is safe and sound.

I worry that she has put some much of her hopes and dreams on one event that may or may not work for her. She had the lapband like 10 years ago and it was successful in making her sick.

She knows that I will be right there beside her no matter what the outcome, but I am praying so hard that it works for her. I want something to go right for her, just the way that she wants it too.

She has been with me at my very very worst.

She sat with me when I ugly cried outside the hospital when I realized that my ex husband’s personality had changed.

She brought me ice cream when I sat on the curb petting the cat after my car was repossessed.

She sat with me through my heart shattering events and held the pieces together when I couldn’t.

She yelled at me when I blamed myself for my ex’s behavior.

She shakes her head when she knows that I am setting myself up to be hurt again against her advice. But she waits and helps me up, off the floor; when it happens just the way that she said it would.

This operation is going to happen. And it is going to be everything that she wants. Because I said so………

~ by goddess4ever on May 16, 2018.

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