It is time.

It is time to close off my heart.

It is time to close the book.

It is time to sweep up the broken pieces.

Time to wipe away the blood that is seeping from my heart.

Time to bind the wounds and cover them forever.

The pain of what was still pulses through muscle memory. Still too fresh to truly feel.

My greatest love story has ended. I am closing the book to never be opened again. Closing that deepest recess if my heart forever.

I cannot shut off the aching loss. The aching pain. The confused ‘why?!?’ that screams from the pieces. But I can shut the door.

Its time to barricade this room from ever seeing the light of day. Hoping and praying that it will finally stop bleeding. Stop hurting. Stop existing.

Its time, my darling……..

~ by goddess4ever on April 24, 2018.

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