Pain is big business in the US.

Most of our capitalist market is based on alleviating it.

From medical pain that lines the pockets of big pharma to emotional pain which drives the illegal drug market, the retail market, the religious market, and damn near any other market you can think of.

In the US, we are conditioned to run the hell away from pain caused by anything that we can’t see. This is exhibited all over the media right now with the mass shootings and school shootings. Instead of dealing with the mental pain of the perpetrators, the whole country divides up and starts pointing fingers. Why? Because dealing with pain is not an easy solution. The responsibility falls on more than one person.

The last few months, I have been running like hell from pain. I am tired of feeling it. I have put myself in that position for two reasons:

1) I hate losing/regret

2) It just hurts

I read a really good book a few years back called Crucial Conversations which was a game changer for me. Definitely a must read. In it, the author mentions the biggest stumbling block in every argument, the fact that the subject mattered. People get worked up, bent out of shape, or passionate because the subject matter really is THAT important.

It sounds stupid, right? But it took away my immediate extreme need to avoid conflict (My parents fought like WWIII every night so my desire to run is strong AF).

The pain and discomfort stems from something that was so intrinsically valuable to us, we react in a primal way. Usually not graciously. (Pointing at myself here).

Pride is the other factor in a heated argument and God only knows, I have that in spades. When pride goes away and the dust clears, the only thing left is a scarred heart that hurts like a bitch. Because it fucking mattered.

~ by goddess4ever on March 28, 2018.

3 Responses to “Pain”

  1. hello, beautiful! you seem like such a gentle and warm lady! don’t be so upset, love!it’ll gets better! please take care of yourself! and smile!

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