What is an accomplishment?

A very very good friend of mine told me yesterday to remember my accomplishments and they would help carry me through the valley that I currently find myself in. 

This prompted the question, “WTF are my accomplishments?!?!”

He listed a few things that he viewed as accomplishments. I noticed right away the wording that he had used. They were present tense processes. ‘Facing fear, challenging myself to be better, opening up to my kids, etc.”

I have never considered a current process as an accomplishment and I have to admit that it kind of blew my mind a little bit. (Not going to tell him that, even though he reads my blog every once in awhile).

My list of accomplishments are ridiculously short because they are ‘finished’. But if I were to look back and include a process as an accomplishment, I am shocked to see a lot there. All of a sudden, the things that I work so hard to do are listed. It’s relevant.

How dumb is it that we do this to ourselves?!?!?!

How much are you taking away from your value when you quantify accomplishments as finished? 

~ by goddess4ever on July 29, 2017.

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