God doesn’t hand out ketchup packets.

As divorce gets finalized with settlement negotiations, a close friend of my quite bluntly told me that I need to “Let people help you. Swallow your pride and let people help you!”

Pride is a hard swallow. I know I am not a fan. There is something primal about ‘taking care of yourself’ or the ‘I can do it’ phrase. At least it is for me. 

No one better tell me that I can’t. Mostly because I tell myself that on the hour. But back to swallowing pride, I started to feel panic just thinking about it. God has a way of not asking our opinion before, during, or after our struggles. 

I am struggling and I know it. I don’t want to give in and fold. But I can’t do it alone. And really, I don’t have to. God didn’t make us islands. He made us dependent on one another. I just need some ketchup……

~ by goddess4ever on April 23, 2017.

One Response to “God doesn’t hand out ketchup packets.”

  1. I appreciate your authenticity. Keep writing!

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