Open or not?

This morning I am required to participate at a brand meeting at my part time job. I am early as usual (fifteen minutes early is almost too late for me). No one is at the store yet, mostly because 8am on a Sunday morning is a stupid time for a mandatory meeting.
Anyways, as I am waiting, I marvel at the people who drive up in the parking lot to shop. These aren’t people driving hoopties, they drive Lexus, Mercedes, etc. They go up to the door (where the hours are clearly displayed), jiggle the door to ensure that they aren’t being tricked, then peer inside, as if to find a lonely salesperson who might be charitable enough to let them in before opening time at 11am!!! Four hours away!!!
I could understand one or two, but several is kind of ridiculous. There are no church emergencies that require a new pair of shoes at 8am!!!

~ by goddess4ever on May 19, 2013.

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